Robotic Hair Restoration Center

Michael Bowles

Dr. Rome is very amicable without ceding an air of professionalism. He and his staff will put you at ease from start to finish. His state of the art hair restoration procedures are flawless. I encourage you to schedule your free consultation today!

ariel miles

Wow what an amazing place, not only was the atmosphere of the office nothing like a usual doctor office It felt more like more chill and layback place. The way I felt around not only from the secretary but the doctor too was very relaxed and calm. There is free beverages that is top notch. You dont find this beautiful environment in a Beverly hills office. The way the doctor operates here is he tries to lower the cost of the treatment as much as possible by giving the lowest price treatment avaible. He tries to also keep it personal in the sense that he wants you to know he really cares, hes not trying to just charge people he wants to help .So if lets says for me I just have thinning hair I don't have actual bold spots with no hair. So he offered this pill that is only 30$ a month and that it stops the hair from thinning and naturally the hair will grow back to normal. You know many people told me it would be expensive to do a treatment for hair loss but I came here and all I needed is was the pill the doc offered. For people who just have thinning or both bolding and thinning this is place. Thank you and thanks Barber Surgeons Guild:)

Andy Ostroff

Dr. Rome is amazing! His personal style is rather refreshing after many years of seeing doctors who only cared about my insurance coverage. However Dr. Rome really takes an interest in his clients and seems to make decisions based on the patient's needs instead of his own.

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