Castle Park Miniature Golf

AK Playz

I have driven by Castle Park so many times in my life and I have always wanted to visit but never had the chance until now. Sadly, due to the pandemic the majority of the park was closed. The miniature golf courses were open and that was the main reason for our visit, so it worked out in that regard. They have four different courses which are pretty standard as far as putt-putt courses go. The decorations on the courses are quaint and well designed and the difficulty is medium, imo. The only negative thing that I can say is that this place is showing its age a bit. The fairways are a bit run down and the multiple palm trees on site drop a lot of debris which can mess up your shots if you don't clean things up before playing. They are offering unlimited playtime though, which allowed us to play multiple times on two of the four courses. We spent about two hours playing and we had a good time, regardless of the conditions. If you are looking for an old school mini- golf experience then you can't go wrong with Castle Park.

Mark Clark

Has 4 courses to choose from. Kids had a blast which is what it's all about. Could tend to the courses a little more but all in all not bad

Fernando Rosendo

Great place to bring the family/date for some mini-golf. A bit outdated and the course can use a few repairs but overall a fun time for everyone of all ages

Lydia Walters

Castle Park Miniature Golf!! It's always a fun day when you go to Castle Park Miniature Golf from Idaho she passed by Camelot and was wondering how is it so we took him and he enjoyed it. We had a bunch of fun.

miguel salgado

Much respect to them for back tracking my pass due to the shut down. Super friendly professional environment. I am glad they are back.

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